James Lloyd (puddingsock) wrote,
James Lloyd

I'm luckier than you

Yo, yo, check it!

Kwismus came early in the form of this amazing gift from Mr. Phil Barrett over in Ireland-- Ay guh guh guh! (They do that right?). He sent not only this incredible hand drawn "note"

...but also he included this phenomenal piece of original artwork from the first issue of Gazebo (a cover no less)!

Phil's going to have to excuse the crappy photography; time is short. If you haven't seen read Gazebo, a remarkable collaboration between Phil and his writing partner Liam Geraghty, get over to his web-site at http://www.blackshapes.com/index.html and see if you can't order a copy. It IS one of those works that will help you see comics differently.
Phil also sent a gaggle of comics which included my favorite, The Littlest Arsonist-- a nice bit of gag work that was intended solely for yuks, but to date represents the most accurate depiction of my childhood spent with an older brother.
Phil is one of my absolute favorite chaps kicking today, and he honours me with his scribbles. Good on ye, boyo!

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