Christmas Past

What d' you do when you're drained dry and can't even compose a Christmas Card? Post old shit. Anyways, these are illustrations from the inside last years cards. I bet NOW you want to be nicer to me.
x-mas 11
Drawn for mah sweetie, Susan, last year.
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December Dr. Sketchy's @ The Wallflower

Missed you guys (if you are, in fact, still around), so I decided to re-post this here. For further updates see my wordpress page:
'Til then:

Vancouver's rock n' roll flapper Lola Frost was this month's model, much to our good fort-choon. Haven't done any life drawing in at least a year, so I felt some serious crust on the mojo... but the inspiration provided got it all cooking. The theme of the night was vintage crime noir, something Lola embodied beautifully with her successive choices in wardrobe and dark, smokey elegance.

This is the 1 minute sketch montage. Prismacolour.
lola 1 min montage

Beginning of the 2 minute sessions:
lola 2 mins 1

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"But are you sure the dragon doesn't look too emo?"

Just as an addendum to the previous piece: I'm posting this pic to show why I think my art for the pop culture show misses the mark. If you're going to satirize tats on alt babes, you have to go WAYYY out. Any one of these girls could have fit my piece into the end of an angel's nob on her ankle.

group tattoo

Anyways, I lifted this photo from a page called Pinups and Lace Hope it's considered fair usage. No photo credit as far as I can see.

Popped culture

recessive art revise

My farewell to the pompadours and pressed cuffs of the low-brow art scene (in which I never found an easy fit) for the next year. Piece is entitled “Recessive Traits”, done for Nicole Steen’s “Pop Culture” art show debuting at the East Van Inc Tattoo @ 1839 Commercial Dr. in Vancouver ’till Oct.12. Thanks again to Nicole Steen for coming out of her own exile from curating these shows to get us all putting brushes to canvas again. Check out more of the show at her site:

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Met Bobcat Goldthwait on the weekend, ending at least a twenty five year old personal ambition. GREAT guy. He is that searingly funny and smart.


His new film is amazing, too. An anathema to the fatuous ephemeral entertainment currently clogging the theaters, coming in the form of a savage indictment of the spectacle of cruelty masquerading as entertainment in all media.
I caught it's theatrical premiere. A DVD and itunes release is going to follow shortly. SEE it, however you can.