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Every so often girls pop up in my work for any number of reasons. Here's one now!

This is my rendition of Carmel Myers, a flapper gal who made her mark in Hollywood during the roaring '20's in films by giants such as D.W. Griffith and alongside silent era poster boys like Valentino. The drawing was originally commissioned by sir bougieman for an article in his Cinema Sewer magazine that-- not surprisingly-- spotlighted flapper gals who made their mark in Hollywood during the roaring '20's. Issue 22... and if you really need a copy in your mitts they can be found at Robin's store: http://cinemasewer.ecrater.com/
You may notice the prominent credit I gave myself on the illo, and that's because the signature, like the art itself, was my attempt to recreate the line work of Ethel Hays-- the greatest illustrator of flapper girls ever. I know little about the woman, except that she created exceptional work as a magazine illustrator in the jazz era. Her lush, realistic rendering rivalled Frazetta's ink work, and her cartooning was as genuine and perfect as they come. Somehow, she's been badly neglected in the history books of great 20th century comic strip artists. I only discovered the lady at Shane Glines' Cartoon Retro site-- an essential showcase of great lights from our past. He's done us a real service archiving out of print work from all eras and richly deserves your support http://www.shaneglines.net/.

sophie watercolour
Okay, less classical in approach and subject is this watercolour rendering of Vancouver's own Spooksy Delune-- necromantik burlesque punk monster and hairstylist. This rounded off a handful of colour pieces featuring sultry sirens of the burlesque scene, who I really think embody the spirit of the flappers like Ms. Myers from previous.
Wish I had posted this one in time to promote Spook's full blown stage tribute to Pee Wee's Playhouse at a recent Kitty Nights event. if you know Spooksy, it makes perfect sense.

This was just a quick ink wash sketch of a waitress, sorry-- server, who brought me and a pal libations at a Yaletown bar the other day.

grace jones
Grace Jones: bald, black, and brash. Works for me.
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